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Coal Miner Statue Project Close to Goal

May 10th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

After a decade of work, efforts to secure funding for the Coal Miner Memorial Statue project are continuing with the goal close at hand.  Allegany County has dedicated a parcel of ground north of the Frostburg train depot that overlooks the Jennings Run Valley and the Great Allegheny Passage trailhead – an area viewed as as an ideal spot to lace together the history of coal mining and railroading. The memorial will feature a mine face entry that invites the visitor to follow a walled pathway with open-air timbers overhead. The statue depicts a coal miner reading a book by the light of his head lamp; he holds an apple in his hand, his lunch pail by his side. The statue honors the area’s mining heritage and those who sacrificed to make a better life for future generations. Committee member Ellen Arnone recently addressed the county commissioner seeking assistance in finalizing the financial picture…