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Construction Update Downtown

April 27th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

Last 2 weeks:

-The street trees have arrived! Trees have been planted in most of the block between Mechanic Street and Liberty Street. Plantings will continue as construction moves down the street.

-All the concrete work is completed on Centre Street. Roadway pavers are being installed on North Centre and will progress onto South Centre upon completion.

-Concrete curbing and trench drains are starting to be installed on the last block of Baltimore Street, between Centre and George. 

-Electric lines are being pulled underground in preparation for the street lights

Next couple of weeks:

-Concrete work will continue between Centre Street and George Street. With this work, the rest of the safety barricades will begin to come down.

-Roadway and parking pavers will continue to be installed on Centre Street. 

-Sidewalk pavers will start to be installed once other items are completed.

-The water feature in the Liberty Street parklet will begin to take shape, including receiving a granite spillway.

Planted tree on Baltimore St