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Corriganville Ceases EMS, Selling Vehicles to County

February 14th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

In an action that Allegany County is calling a positive milestone for the local emergency medical service network, Corriganville’s Volunteer Fire Department recently voted to cease their EMS operations and sell their vehicles to the County. In announcing the agreement, Emergency Services Director James Pyles called the transition a  good deal for all involved as it will improve public safety for citizens living in the Corriganville area and streamline emergency medical service delivery there…       


Pyles commented that the members of the Corriganville Fire Department have worked tirelessly to provide the citizens they serve and protect…but they have reached the point of declining volunteer availability needed to support EMS coverage. Allegany County DES has provided one EMS Clinician to Corriganville since 2007. The County will now be providing two Clinicians.