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Criminal Summons and Warrant Served

March 6th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

On March 5, 2024, Cumberland Police Department served two Criminal Summons on Dustin Edwards, 33, of Cumberland Maryland. The Criminal Summons were issued by the District Court of Maryland for two separate incidents. The first incident occurred on February 8, 2024 when a subject reported that her wallet was stolen. The victim indicated that over $200.00 was stolen. The second incident occurred on February 27, 2024, when the victim stated that Edwards used her Cash app without permission. In this incident the victim claimed $150.00 was stolen.

Arrest:  Dustin Michael Edwards, age 33, Cumberland Maryland.
Charges: Two counts of Theft.

Arrest Warrant Served
On March 5, 2024, Cumberland Police Department served an arrest Warrant on Travell Awkward, 29, of Cumberland Maryland. The Arrest Warrant was issued by the District Court of Maryland for an incident that occurred on February 17, 2024. Officers were dispatched to Riverbend Court for a check on well-being. Officers advised that the resident began texting that she needed help to a family member. A short time later the subject failed to respond to any additional texts. Officers made contact with the subject that was visibly in pain and was requesting an ambulance. Cumberland Fire Department arrived and began treating the subject. CFD first observed bruising in the area of her ribs. As CFD continued to evaluate the victim they observed additional marks around the victim’s neck. Officers indicted that the marks around the victim’s neck were red and appeared to be the result of the victim being strangled. Officers described the marks to resemble three fingers. During the investigation Officers were advised that the victim was drug down the stairs and later grabbed around the neck. Information was obtained that Travell Awkward began to drag the victim inside the residence after the initial assault. The victim indicted that she blacked out from striking her head on the steps. The victim finally was able to escape from Awkward and drove to her residence. An Officer reported that at the hospital he was able to observe a red hand print and three finger marks around her neck. Based on this incident being a domestic assault with strangulation a Forensic Nurse was requested.

Arrest:  Travell Awkward, age 29, Cumberland Maryland.
Charges: Assault 1st degree, Assault 2nd degree and False imprisonment. Awkward was transported to Central Booking.