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Cumberland Police Department bid farewell to its dedicated four-legged officers Canines Johanna and Leon

December 8th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Police Department bid an official farewell to its dedicated four-legged officers, Canines Johanna and Leon, as they officially enter retirement after years of faithful service. Retiring back on July 1, 2023, recent law changes prompted their retirement from active police duty, and both canines will now enjoy their golden years in the loving homes of their handlers.

This morning, the department proudly received the retirement badges for Johanna and Leon, symbolizing the end of their distinguished careers. These badges will be formally presented to their devoted handlers in recognition of the exemplary service provided by these loyal members of the force.

Throughout their careers, Johanna and Leon played pivotal roles in maintaining the safety and security of Cumberland and Allegany County. These exceptional canines were instrumental in numerous drug seizures, removing illegal substances from our streets and contributing significantly to the ongoing battle against drug-related crime.

"We want to express our deepest gratitude to Johanna and Leon for their unwavering dedication and invaluable service to the community," said Captain James Burt, spokesperson for the Cumberland Police Department. "Their hard work, loyalty, and courage have left an indelible mark on our department, and we are proud to honor them on their well-deserved retirement."

The Cumberland Police Department extends sincere thanks to our retired colleagues for their assistance and commitment throughout their careers. The bond between these remarkable canines and their handlers exemplifies the unique partnership between law enforcement officers and their K9 counterparts.

As Johanna and Leon begin this new chapter in their lives, the Cumberland Police Department remains committed to ensuring their well-being and expresses gratitude for the lasting impact they have made on the community.