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Parrott says Biden visit a sign that Trone is worried

October 9th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

President Biden and Congressman Trone flew to the Hagerstown Airport on their way to the Volvo Plant. While representing this district, Congressman Trone lives 25 minutes away from even entering the district he is running in.

Delegate Neil Parrott, Republican candidate for Maryland's sixth congressional district, lives in Hagerstown, where the duo visited this afternoon. While at this press event, Congressman Trone and President Biden met local politicians and workers.

Delegate Parrott indicated, "As a Delegate, I have toured the plant several times and have worked at the state level to help the plant be successful. I'm thankful to know and be friends with many of the workers at the plant."

While President Biden indicated that he is for the workers, Delegate Parrott stated, "Unfortunately, President Biden and Congressman Trone claim to care, but their policies directly hurt workers and middle class America. Inflation is out of control thanks to reckless spending. Energy prices are skyrocketing because of restricting, drilling, and tightening regulations. As they enact green new deal policies, manufacturing continues to leave for other countries."

Delegate Parrott continued by indicating, "As a result of these policies, Biden and Trone are making things in America more expensive across the board. Congressmen David Trone wholeheartedly supports the Biden agenda. David Trone may have gotten the photo op he wanted, but the people of this district – where he doesn't live and rarely visits – have not received adequate representation in DC. Joe Biden, by contrast, has gotten everything: David Trone votes the party line 100% of the time. Those of us who actually live in this district deserve better."

Delegate Parrott looks forward to debating Congressman Trone, but so far, Trone has not agreed to a debate, only forums. Even so, at the forums, David Trone finally must answer for his record to the people of Maryland's sixth district.