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Despite Other Superintendents Doing So, Blank Staying in Role

November 25th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

The impact of COVID-19 is forcing a record number of school superintendents to either resign, retire or quit altogether, according to a national superintendent's association. WBAL reports that the Carroll County Public Schools superintendent became the fifth school leader in Maryland to announce he's stepping down in 2022. The decision to step down was personal and it comes at a time when superintendents across the state and the nation are reassessing their roles as educational leaders in the midst of COVID-19. Locally, Allegany County School Superintendent Jeff Blank tells WCBC News while dealing with the pandemic has made an already stressful job even more so,  he has never considered stepping down. While some superintendents have simply chosen not to renew their contract- Blank actually agreed to a four year deal in February of this year- in the midst of the pandemic…