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DUI Arrests

May 26th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

On Thursday May 25th, 2023 officers of the Cumberland Police Department responded to the intersection of Frederick Street and Marshall Street for a reported motor vehicle crash. Throughout the officer’s investigation they found the at fault driver, Daniel Sweitzer, to be exhibiting evidence of impairment. After the performance of Standardized Field Sobriety, the officers observed additional evidence of impairment and placed him under arrest. Sweitzer was later released on citations awaiting his trial at District Court.

Arrest: Daniel Gregory Sweitzer, age 41, Cumberland Maryland.
Charges: DUI and Motor Vehicle Crash Related Citations.

On May 25th, 2023 an officer of the Cumberland Police Department observed a vehicle traveling on the wrong side of the roadway in the area of Lamont Street and Virginia Avenue. The officer then observed additional driving patterns that indicated the operator was under the influence. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle, and the vehicle struck a telephone pole while pulling over. The officer then contacted the operator, Pamela Harper was contacted. The officer observed evidence of impairment, and after the performance of Standardized Field Sobriety the officer observed further evidence of impairment. Harper was placed under arrest and later released on citations awaiting her trial at District Court.

Arrest : Pamela Jean Harper, age 55, Cumberland Maryland.
Charges : DUI Related Citations.