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Task Force hears more comments on future of Rocky Gap

December 3rd, 2021 by WCBC Radio

After more public debate from citizens dedicated to “Saving the Gap”- the Task Force on the Economic Future of Western Maryland agreed to make some slight language modifications to its final recommendations- a move that seemed to appease some in attendance. In recent months a large number of area residents have raised concern about Rocky Gap State Park’s future- specifically pointing to Task Force language referencing privatization- the concern being that the park would be developed for commercial use and have limited public recreation. Task Force co-chair State Senator George Edwards recommended that Rocky Gap State Park’s name be stricken from the language. The task force also voted to take the word “privatization” out of the report in favor of language that said “anyone pursuing a contract” for a business proposal should contact the Maryland DNR. Once again Edwards, as he has at previous meetings, said there are absolutely no plans to close the state park. As for private ventures, Rocky Gap currently features a Casino Resort and a Jack Nicklaus Signiature Golf Course.  Edwards said businesses or individuals contracting to operate commercial ventures at state parks- including Rock Gap- is fairly common and should not be cause for alarm…