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English test scores returning to pre-pandemic levels but Math scores have not

December 8th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

A mixed bag of results in student test scores. The State Department of Education says English test scores are returning to their pre-pandemic levels, but math scores have not. The scores for the English Language Arts test showed 45% are tested at proficient levels in third and fourth grades, and fifth graders were 40%. For the English 10th grade test, 53% were proficient. As for math scores, just 17.6% of sixth grade students were proficient in math, and just 6.5% of students who took the grade eight assessment were proficient. Algebra One proficiency was just 14.5% compared to 27% three years ago. State School Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury said while it’s encouraging to see the reading numbers exceed expectations,  his goal is to see at least incremental improvements across the board…