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Female Middle School Athletes Banned From Competition

May 3rd, 2024 by WCBC Radio

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey issued the following statement after a Harrison County Circuit Court judge on Thursday heard a case involving the female middle school students who protested a recent appeals court ruling against West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act. The judge issued a preliminary injunction, allowing the girls to compete in shotput at future track and field meets. The Attorney General filed an amicus brief in support of the female athletes. “I want to say to these students and their parents: I have your backs. You saw unfairness and you expressed your disappointment and sacrificed your personal performances in a sport that you love; exercised your constitutionally protected freedom of speech and expression. These girls didn’t disrupt anything when they protested. They should be commended, not punished. We need to teach them that it is noble to stand firm in their beliefs and address their grievances within the protections guaranteed by our constitution. They need not to be silent. They have won by having their voices heard. So glad we were able to weigh in on behalf of these courageous young girls and that they are able to play.”