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First Peoples Train Ride for ACPS Students

May 19th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

More than 1,600 students from Allegany County Public Elementary Schools had the opportunity to ride the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in April thanks, once again, to the sponsorship of First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union. Due to COVID restrictions, this annual trip was forced to take a two year hiatus. To make up for the lost time, this year First Peoples took all ACPS third, fourth and fifth grade students on the ride!


First Peoples recognizes the extreme historical value that The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad provides the area and was happy to share that history and experience with ACPS students as well as help increase interest in the train.


Several schools attended each day and had the opportunity to ride the train from Cumberland to Frostburg. While at the Depot in Frostburg, students ate lunch and watched the engine turn around on the turntable. 


According to First Peoples Vice President of Marketing, Kati Kenney, "We have been wildly impressed with the behavior of these third graders! They were so well mannered, polite and kind." She went on to say, "ACPS teachers are doing a phenomenal job."