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Franchot Comments on Need for Survival Checks, Remote Working

July 8th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Saying that soaring gas prices is  just one of the issues causing a fiscal crisis for many Marylanders- Comptroller Peter Franchot noted that half a million people across the state are badly in need of some assistance. Franchot agreed that efforts have to be taken to undo the 7 cent gas tax hike that went into effect automatically on July- as well as creating another gas tax holiday.  Franchot says however it is not just the price at the pumps that has many Maryland families struggling- and some additional steps need to be taken.  He called on the state to encourage companies to be generous and allow employees to work remotely; and again spoke of the need for $2,000 emergency survival checks for 500,000 Maryland families that are low-wage earners living pay check to pay check…