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Frostburg City Street Paving Project about to begin

July 29th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

The annual City of Frostburg street paving project will begin in the area of East Street in early August and continue through October of this year. The list of streets to be paved includes: Standish, Water, Broadway, Mechanic, Mt. Pleasant, Barnard, Greenbriar, Summit Place, Preston Place, Grandview, East, Allegany, Jenkins, Victoria, Maryland, Bowery, Westview, Hill, Spring, Warns Lane, White Ash, Teaberry, Hawthorne, College, Center, Beall Street, Stoyer, Maple, Oak, Wood, Alley 39, 40 and 45, Washington and several smaller portions in and around recreation complexes. Most of the paving will be done by Belt Paving, the low bidder for the annual paving project, and Keystone Paving will be resurfacing the streets affected by Combined Sewer Overflow separation projects.

As a reminder, please drive slowly and with caution around any road construction crews and obey all traffic control.