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Go Fund Me raises more than $100,000 for Navy Veteran, Walmart worker

December 26th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

An 82-year-old Cumberland man received an early Christmas miracle when he arrived for his shift at the LaVale Walmart on December 15th .  Walter S. “Butch” Marion reported to his usual post at register for duty at his usual post, register No. 4 and had a chance meeting with Rory McCarty of Cumberland. A brief chat eventually led to a viral video and a Go Fund Me account for Marion with donations exceeding $100,000 in just a few days. The fund was at more than $110,000 Christmas morning. The Cumberland Times News reports McCarty came to Walmart to purchase batteries and spotted a slightly hunched over Marion working the cash register and entered his lane. McCarty, who owns a Bug Boys franchise in Ridgeley, West Virginia, was moved to help the hard-working senior, and people began donating online.  Born in 1941 in Cumberland, Marion entered the Navy where he served for nine years. He was on a lead destroyer during the Bay of Pigs and Cuban blockade. He also spent time in Vietnam. Marion plans to retire from Walmart. To make a donation visit