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Gov. Justice, WVDNR introduce new Law Enforcement Dive Team

July 7th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

Gov. Justice announced the formation of a Natural Resources Police dive team within West Virginia's Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Section. This team will assist the agency's law enforcement efforts in boating incidents, cases of missing persons, and evidence recovery. During the ceremony at Bluestone State Park, the team demonstrated their expertise by diving to the bottom of Bluestone Lake to retrieve a dog bone, which they then presented to Babydog. " I'm beyond proud to see this new dive team in action, helping keep our state's beautiful natural resources and people safe," Gov. Justice said. " These dedicated officers are truly top-notch and ready to dive in and tackle any challenge that comes their way. Thanks to the Natural Resources Police and everyone involved in making this team happen. Your hard work is another shining example of our commitment to protecting our people and preserving our great state's natural beauty. "