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Justice Pleads with Mooney to Work Together

May 17th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Governor Jim Justice is pleading with U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney to get involved in working with him and his office to help West Virginia- but at the same time he denies that there is any friction or bad blood between the two. The governor supported Representative David McKinley over Mooney in last week’s 2nd Congressional District Republican primary. Mooney, backed by former President Donald Trump, defeated McKinley by 18 points. Justice said while he supports Trump, and thought McKinley made a bad move by voting for a January 6 insurrection investigation – he believes McKinley made the right move in voting for President Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, bringing $6 Billion to West Virginia. Mooney, a former Maryland state senator and head of the state’s Republican party,  opposed both. Justice said he works with McKinley on a near daily basis but has minimal, if any, contact with Mooney…