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Law Enforcement Continues to respond during Storm

January 7th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

Area Law Enforcement responding to a number of stranded motor vehicle calls during yesterday's storm. Drivers simply unprepared for the road conditions and sudden snowfall with several running out of fuel while waiting roadside for the weather to pass. Road conditions and limited visibility played a factor in a number of Motor Vehicle crashes however, no fatalities. The steep grade along area highways made it difficult for tractor trailers drivers to maneuver their vehicles uphill. In the area of the Route 220 roundabout prior to Interstate 68 a tractor trailer needed assistance getting up the ramp causing a number of vehicles to be stuck behind while at the same time becoming trapped with the additional snowfall. Maryland Department of Transportation snow plows had to assist along with tow trucks in clearing the scene. Weather also playing a factor in law enforcement response times with a number of domestic arguments with police response times between 20 to 45 minutes. Criminal activity certainly did not take a pause during the winter storm with a shooting in the area of Maryland Avenue and Baker Street. Cumberland Fire Department responding to the scene of a reported shooting however unable to approach until Law Enforcement could secure the area. No report of injuries, the suspect remains at large. The investigation is ongoing into the shooting. No additional information was provided by the Cumberland Police Department.