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Local Law Enforcement has not endorsed any candidates

July 18th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland City Police Department has issued a statement on social media, attempting to clarify a political candidate's suggestion that local law enforcement agencies have offered an endosrment. Below is a copy of that statement:  

We have been informed of a photo being used in the Mike McKay campaign depicting Chief Ternent, Sheriff Robertson, Senator Edwards, along with Mike McKay. The photo was taken at the Maryland State Police Barrack opening in July of 2021 and was posted during that time and was not taken for the purpose of a political campaign. It was recently used in a mailing that is not an endorsement of the candidate, but due to its timeliness and wording alludes to endorsement. The Chief of Police is not endorsing or campaigning for any political candidates. It is against CPD policy and Maryland law to campaign for a candidate in uniform or representing a police department. The Office of the Chief continually strives to remain neutral and impartial while maintaining a good working relationship with all government officials.