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McKay Reacts to Special Session

December 13th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Distrric 1C Delegate Mike McKay issued the following statement concerning last week's special  legislative session:

"The past week I was in Annapolis during a Special Session in which we were to pass a Congressional Redistricting Plan. There were two plans put before the General Assembly for consideration. The first was from the non-partisan Maryland’s Citizen’s Redistricting Commission, and the other was from the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission (LRAC).


"The LRAC was comprised of members of the General Assembly to draw Congressional District lines. While there were two Republicans present, the committee still drew a very partisan map that heavily favors Democrats; it was presented as House Bill 1. The Citizens Commission, appointed by Governor Hogan, produced a fair and non-partisan map that was brought before the General Assembly as House Bill 2.


"As predicted the Democratic Majority passed House Bill 1, the map drawn by the LRAC, and rejected the map drawn by the Citizens Commission. The partisan and gerrymandered map did not receive any Republican support. Gerrymandering thus continues to plague Maryland."