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McKay Supports Amendment to Eliminate the Automatic Gas Tax Increase

March 22nd, 2022 by WCBC Radio

While Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed emergency legislation on Friday creating a 30 day gas tax holiday to help offset skyrocketing prices at the pump- in just a few months- as a result of state law- that tax will be on the rise again. In 2013 the state put a mechanism in place that usually results in an automatic increase in the gas-tax every July 1. The increase is based on the consumer price index, which has risen 7.9% in the past year. Such an increase could result in 2 cents to 3 cents being added to the gas tax this summer. A number of lawmakers, including Delegate Mike McKay of Allegany County, supported an amendment to the gas holiday bill that would eliminate the automatic tax increase and instead require lawmakers to vote on increasing the gas tax. McKay tells WCBC News that while the month long tax holiday provides a nice break- it is only temporary…