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NRP officers seize cell phones, ‘several illegal deer’ in mass poaching case

February 3rd, 2022 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Times News individual names written on deer skull plates that were planned for trophies are now considered evidence in a poaching case, which spans three West Virginia counties and crosses into Maryland. Eight local residents, described as friends, sons and fathers, boyfriend and girlfriend, are alleged to have committed various hunting crimes.

The newspaper account reports that more than 220 charges involve at least 27 antlered bucks taken illegally in Mineral, Grant and Hampshire counties in West Virginia, and parts of Maryland, from mid September to late December.

“Several names were brought up as to who was involved,” one entry among several inches of stacked police reports states.

Former Mineral County deputy sheriffs Tyler Biggs and Dalton Dolly are among people charged with poaching-related crimes, and have resigned from their jobs.

Allegany County Department of Emergency Services EMS Chief Christopher Biggs, who faces felony charges, has been suspended from his job.