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‘Operation Clean Sweep’ aims to tackle litter along Maryland roadways

February 25th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration launched “Operation Clean Sweep Maryland” Friday — aiming to increase litter removal along roadways throughout the state. As part of the effort, the state will double how frequently crews pick up litter and mow along Maryland roads. Maryland will also hire more state employees to help with litter pickup. Operation Clean Sweep Maryland is beginning in the D.C. and Baltimore areas but eventually will reach far Western Maryland.

As a result of a mild winter, crews will be doing sweeps through mostly traveled areas to do litter pickup operations. Also, litter removal cycles will almost double during the mowing season to keep pace with litter problems, according to the news release.

MDOT is increasing its yearly maintenance budget to almost $30 million to help out with the litter removal efforts. The department spent around $39 million in collecting and throwing away over 26,000 truckloads of litter on state roads in the last five years, according to the news release.

People can call 410-545-0300 to report litter issues and high grass around roads.