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Parrott calls out Trone for ducking debates

September 28th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Delegate Neil Parrott, Republican candidate for Maryland’s sixth congressional district, called on his opponent, Congressman David Trone, to debate in the sixth district, in-person:

“Congressman Trone is hiding behind his millions and his Potomac mansion walls. He should answer to the people of the district for his record of absenteeism, defending gerrymandering, reckless spending, and crass partisanship. And he should answer to me for the grotesque lies he is telling about my record and my views. He can’t do either from is home outside the district, surrounded by his staff, and insulated from scrutiny. Those of us who actually live in this district, unlike him, deserve better than we’re getting. So come out of hiding, Congressman. Let’s have a real debate. Anytime, anywhere, in-person and in the district.”

Delegate Parrott has repeatedly stated his commitment to debating Trone, whereas the latter has only been willing to commit to one Zoom forum, which would have allowed him to remain outside of the district and unaccountable to voters. The Parrott campaign will do everything it can to facilitate one or more in-person debates across the district and seeks partner organizations for that purpose.