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Parrott Comments on MD House Minority Leadership

December 23rd, 2021 by WCBC Radio

A week after harassment charges were levied against House Minority Leader Jason Buckel in relation to his pending divorce,  the Maryland House Republican Caucus is in flux ahead of a leadership election. Although the charges are being dropped, Delegate Christopher  Adams  resigned from his position as House minority whip on Monday, and is expected to run for a leadership position on a separate slate from Buckel’s when the GOP caucus next meets ahead of the next General Assembly session, which begins on Jan. 12. Adams said that whoever is in charge of the House Minority Caucus needs to be “completely focused on the task at hand” and that he has concerns about Buckel’s ability to do so. Despite the pre-holiday controversy, Buckel is viewed by some as a rising star in the state Republican party thus ousting him from the leadership post could be challenging.  Delegate Neil Parrott, from neighboring Washington County, told WCBC News that it is disappointing to see Adams try to use this situation as a chance to  advance his political career…