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Police issues warning on ‘red-flagged’ accounts

September 22nd, 2022 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Police Department is reminding citizens to be cautious when contacted by financial institutions or businesses indicating that your accounts are “Red Flagged” or “compromised”. 

Typically these entities will not contact you directly and it is best practice to obtain a contact name or extension. Then use a contact number you trust and have obtained for your financial institution or business. 

If a financial institution contacts you and tries to verify your account information, remember, they already have your account information and will not request a bank number or routing number.


In addition, many scams are using text messaging with a link that will lead you to a fake website that is designed to capture your login credentials.


Lastly, if the scammers are requesting payment via gift cards, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency it is most likely a scam.


Remember as always, exercise caution when giving out any personal information.