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Police seeking funding for K9 Unit

July 25th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

 The Allegany County K9 Fund, a newly established nonprofit organization, has been formed to educate and fundraise for retired K9 dogs in Allegany County, Maryland.

As a former K9 officer, I acknowledge the need for funding the health care of retired K9 dogs, and this program has my wholehearted support. The K9 dog’s health deteriorates more quickly than a pet. These dogs have extensive, challenging training to become working dogs.  You see the dogs jumping in and out of vehicles many times a day, which is tough on the dog’s joints. When the K9 is retired, the adopting owner assumes all the health care expenses. This Allegany County K9 Fund will be a great help to the adopting K9 family .”  - Lieutenant Eric Bonner, Cumberland Police Department

Founded in February 2022, the Allegany County K9 Fund wishes to bring awareness to the leaps and bounds that K9 dogs go through every day in the line of duty and to honor the retired K9s by fundraising for improved health care.

K9 dogs typically serve on the police force for a decade before retiring, but their mental and physical health can decline later. When the K9 is retired, it may be adopted by its handler or a community member.  The stress of the job may have consequences for the dogs, including depression, separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or physical injury, leading to overwhelming veterinarian bills for mental and physical health care.

“I have the opportunity to witness the K9s in action, and we consider the dogs as law enforcement assistants.  They are invaluable to our department. The families adopting the retired dogs take on a tremendous responsibility.  The medical care for our retired K9s can become very expensive, and I hope this fund can help the retired K9s.” – Chief Chuck Ternent, Cumberland Police Department

The Allegany County K9 Fund represents the Cumberland Police Department, Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, and Frostburg Police Department.  The goal for the K9 Fund is to reach $5,000 annually.  All donations are tax-deductible, and can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Go Fund Me or by mail.

Learn more at, on Facebook @ Allegany County K9 Fund, or by calling (301) 777-1600