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Possible Skate Park Sites Discussed

January 3rd, 2022 by WCBC Radio

While any number of potential locations for a proposed Cumberland skate park have been discussed in the past year- two sites that have received the most serious consideration each have their detractors- and that could delay, or eventually kill the project. While city officials seemed to lean toward a Constitution Park site- the skate park committee has ruled that out- saying it is too difficult to reach by foot.  There has been growing support for Jaycee Field (formerly Pogey Field) off of Furnace Street- but that site also has some baggage.  City engineer Bobby Smith calls  Jaycee Field “problematic”  not just because it’s in a 100-year flood plain but because it is the site of a floodway mitigation gate.  Although no clear concensus on a location is close, Mayor Ray Morriss says those talks are ongoing…