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Election denier candidate says he will accept results in November

September 29th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Republican candidate for Maryland governor Dan Cox answered some tough questions during a forum this week held at Morgan State University.  The forum was sparsely attended, but this was a very frank discussion between Cox and the Morgan students about some controversial issues- with one student asking him about the oft mentioned criticism that  he organized buses to the riot on January 6th

Tough questions were asked of the Republican gubernatorial candidate during the forum hosted by the student newspaper "The Spokesman." Democratic candidate Wes Moore did not attend. Cox fielded questions on various hot-button issues, including critical race theory and abortion. But he said his top priority as governor would be the economy.  Cox has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and has been vocal as an election denier. This week, he is appealing a decision allowing Maryland jurisdictions to count mail-in ballots before Election Day, but said he's prepared to accept the results in November….