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Rutherford Comments on Repeat Offenders

November 16th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

According to law enforcement statistics- many of the crimes being committed in Maryland are from repeat violent offenders. What to do about that is top of mind for state lawmakers, but how they handle it differs widely.

Baltimore police announced recently that almost 60% of people arrested for violent crimes are repeat violent offenders. It's far from a new problem in Maryland, but one that so far has not been solved. Governor Larry Hogan’s has proposed legislation which calls for repeat violent offenders to be incarcerated; and increase the amount of time they have to serve. Whether increased penalties and mandatory sentences are needed is an issue that’s historically been split down party lines.

Lt Governor Boyd Rutherford says he believes many police officers are not as aggressive as they could be in making arrests-  primarily because they know many of those individuals will be back on the streets in short order…