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Sen. Cardin speaks on U.S. response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine

February 26th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Maryland's senior senator joined WBAL Friday to offer his thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While appearing on WBAL Radio, Sen. Ben Cardin says the world can't trust Russian President Vladimir Putin, "You can't trust what he says. Look at what he does. Not what he says." Russian troops bore down on Ukraine’s capital Friday, with gunfire and explosions resonating ever closer to the government quarter, in an invasion of a democratic country that has fueled fears of a wider war in Europe and triggered worldwide efforts to make Russia stop. Cardin, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says the U.S. is helping the Ukrainians, but he adds, "This is his playbook to try and reconstitute the Soviet Union and to bring down democratic states, particularly those that are under the dominance over the Soviet Union." Cardin believes that sanctions are a good step in putting the breaks on the Russians saying, "We have unity. What we need is staying power. We need resolve." Cardin says Putin's goal is to reconstitute the Soviet Union and he says the U.S. will continue to help Ukrainians defend themselves