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Senator Mike McKay speaking on the abortion clinic locating on Route 220

April 6th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Senator Mike McKay was a special guest on the Dave Norman show Wednesday morning, speaking on the abortion clinic locating on Route 220.  The Senator was the bearer of bad news for those opposed to the clinic saying that there was essentially no action that could be taken by the government to stop the business from opening.

Senator McKay also commented on the direction the state is going with pro-choice legislation, setting it on a progressive course to lead the nation in abortion rights.

Wednesday’s Dave Norman show featured a special interview with Senator Mike McKay discussing the pending opening of the abortion clinic on Route 220 near Rawlings.  McKay hinted that the clinic may not see the level of business in this area that it is working toward, based on another clinic in the region.

The outcry over an abortion clinic locating in Allegany County brings to mind a similar situation from many years ago. Senator Mike McKay was on the Dave Norman show Wednesday morning and recalled Speaker of the House Cas Taylor’s efforts to pass legislation stopping a strip club from locating in the downtown Cumberland area.