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Despite Investigations, Shade offers Support of County EMS

February 21st, 2022 by WCBC Radio

It is one of the county’s more rapidly expanding departments but unfortunately one that has been plagued by controversy for much of the past three years.  Despite the headlines and criminal investigations- Allegany County Commissioners President Jake Shade remains confident in the EMS operation. A quick recap reveals that Allegany County Department of Emergency Services EMS Chief Christopher Biggs, who faces felony charges related to a major deer poaching operation in West Virginia,  has been suspended from his job; while at the same time a separate internal investigation is being conducted by Allegany County Government related to union accusations questioning his ethics and integrity. In 2019, then EMS Director Dick DeVore resigned as a result of state police investigations  that included allegations of prostitution, drug distribution and using his office and work vehicle to have sex with individuals while employed by Allegany County.  Retired  Maryland State Police Major Jim Pyles was brought in to head emergency services shortly after DeVore was let go. Commissioner Shade tells WCBC News while there are no denying problems with some of the personnel in recent years, the county has full faith and confidence in Director Pyles and EMS operations…