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Survey: Only 16% of Gen Z are proud to be an American

January 15th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Proud to be an America? Not so fast, if you ask Generation Z.  A new survey shows adults 18 to 25 years-old are far less likely than older generations to say that they are "proud to live in the United States."
According to the Morning Consult poll, only 16% of Gen Z adults said they were proud to live in the United States. That's the lowest rate of all generations.
Millennials were second lowest, with 36% proud to be Americans.
By comparison, Generation X-ers and Baby Boomers were the most patriotic, at 54% and 73%, respectively.

"For today's zoomers, COVID-19 lockdowns, social unrest and graphic images of police brutality may be causing them to abandon a sense of American exceptionalism relative to older cohorts, especially in terms of respect for civil liberties at home compared with less democratic countries," the survey noted.

Gen Z-ers also have much lower trust in U.S. government as a whole than older generations, according to Morning Consult. Only 38% say they have "some" or "a lot of" trust for the government. That's compared to 41% of Millennials, 45% of Gen X-ers and 49% of Baby Boomers who say the same thing.

The gap grows even wider on state and local government levels. Shares who report having "some" or "a lot of" trust in their state government include 40% of Gen Z-ers, 48% of Millennials, 52% of Gen X-ers and 61% of Baby Boomers. Those who share trust for their local government include 40% of Gen Z-ers, 50% of Millennials, 55% of Gen X-ers and 69% of Baby Boomers.