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Teacher Shortage Exodus “a crisis”

August 11th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Much of the United States is struggling with an extreme teacher shortage and Maryland is no exception. The State Board of Education said 5,516 teachers left in 2022. The majority of the educators voluntarily resigned and others left for a myriad of reasons including retirement. Cheryl Bost, the teachers' union president, has described the exodus as "a crisis." Not viewed as a significant problem yet for Allegany County’s public school system- routine measures are taken to ensure that adequate teaching staff is in place. Last week, Board of Education member Deb Frank was among those welcoming 67 new teachers at an orientation event. During this week’s board meeting, Ms. Frank expressed concern with criticism and abuse aimed at many teachers in the system, primarily from social media. She encouraged teachers to ignore the noise- and to focus on the job at hand…