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Ternent Confident in Mass Shooting Preparedness

July 26th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Following the May mass shooting at a Texas elementary school- there was increased police presence on campus’ across Maryland. Two months later, during a quarterly update,  Cumberland City Police Chief Chuck Ternent said he is confident local law enforcement is prepared to deal with such an incident. While there has never been a mass shooting incident in Allegany County schools- there have been several in Maryland schools over the years including one in Rockville in January. Ternent, who acknowledged that there has been some difficulty in finding school resource officers, said area law enforcement receives training from the FBI in how to respond to active shooter situations. While officers responding to the Texas shooting have been criticized for failing to follow established policies and failure to engage the shooter in a timely manner- Ternent said local officers have been given clear marching orders…