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Traffic Relief NOW Touts Results of Final Environmental Impact Statement

June 17th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Traffic Relief NOW, today released the following statement from spokesman Doug Mayer in response to the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on the State of Maryland’s New American Legion Bridge I-270 Traffic Relief Plan:

“Today is an incredible day in the history of Maryland transportation and this Final Environmental Impact Statement confirms what everyone with common sense already knows–adding lanes to highways reduces congestion. It’s really that simple. Marylanders have been wasting their lives in some of the worst traffic in the nation for far too long and now they finally have a plan to get them moving again.

“Governor Hogan and the entire Hogan administration have made this a top priority for years and have beaten back countless attempts to sabotage this much needed project–today’s announcement couldn’t make it more clear why. This not only reduces congestion, but it contains almost zero property impacts, improves travel speeds for HOT lane and non-toll users, and provides for new transit, pedestrian, and bike improvements.

“This type of project has been studied in our state for 30 years and has been top priority for Montgomery County for nearly 15 years, but it has never gotten this close to becoming reality. The time has come for all Maryland leaders to get off the sidelines and finally make this happen for Maryland commuters. Waiting is not an option.”