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Twiggtown Residents Say Location of Solar Farm Not Optimal

October 5th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Some residents of Twiggtown in Allegany County are expressing concern with the construction of a large solar farm in that community.  Construction on an 11-acre solar energy facility.began July 1st and is is proving to be a disruption to what had been a largely peaceful way of life for citizens there. The solar farm is located on land between Oliver Beltz and Williams roads just south of Flintstone. The land was leased by Standard Solar Inc. of Rockville.Complaints range from construction noise as well as the potential impact on property values. One man told the county commissioners that the location is a poor choice due to it being in a valley- and thus- not adequately equipped to catch the sun rays. Acting County Administrator Jason Bennett said that is not an issue…