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Unknown substance in the air in Hampshire County

February 24th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

A statement was released late Thursday night by the Hampshire County 911 Center addressing reports of an unknown substance in the air which is said to be accumulating on cars and other surfaces.

The statement, which was also shared by the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office, acknowledged reports of the mysterious substance having been observed throughout several states.

“We are aware of recent reports of an unknown dust-like substance accumulating on cars and surfaces outside,” read the release.

“This is reportedly occurring across the tri-state region.”

The Hampshire County 911 Center additionally encouraged those planning to contact emergency services regarding the substance to utilize the center’s non-emergency line, citing apparent social media content by which users were implored to contact EMS.

Potential callers were also told to have their information on hand during the exchange, and that its documentation could be required in the event of necessary involvement from environmental agencies.

“We are aware of some other social media sites that have advised you to contact 911 if you witness this situation,” the statement continued.

“Although you are more than welcome to contact our 911 center, we ask you to use the non-emergency number for this. (304-822-6000). Be prepared to give your name, address and contact information, so that we may log the information for environmental agencies if needed.”