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Unprecedented Leadership Transition Embodies West Virginia GOP’s Vision for the Future

January 6th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

In an inspiring demonstration of selfless leadership and vision for the West Virginia Republican Party's future, Co-Chairman Tony Hodge has offered to step aside to ensure the party's continued success and adherence to the will of the State Executive Committee. This gesture of statesmanship, reminiscent of State Senator Chandler Swope's recent commendable action for economic development, signifies the WVGOP's dedication to effective governance and principled succession planning.

During a pivotal moment on January 4th, Mr. Hodge, alongside Co-Chair Elgine McArdle, endorsed the potential leadership of Dr. Matt Herridge, a socially conservative businessman whose qualifications promise to further the party's objectives. This transition comes at a time when the WVGOP has evolved from a minority voice to the leading political force in West Virginia, taking on the mantle of guiding policy and candidates that fortify the state as a haven for conservative values.

The party's growth demands a leader with proven social and fiscal conservatism, a track record of organizational efficiency, and a seasoned grasp of political operations. As Finance Committee Chairman for the West Virginia State Senate, I acknowledge these qualities in Dr. Herridge, whose readiness to serve reflects the exceptional foresight of our current leaders, Tony Hodge and Elgine McArdle.

The WVGOP is committed to leading with integrity across all levels, from local municipalities all the way to the national stage, championing the prosperity of conservative communities and the values that underpin our great state. The proposed leadership change is a testament to this commitment and the strategic vision for the West Virginia GOP's future.

I extend my deepest respect and gratitude to Tony Hodge and Elgine McArdle for their exemplary service and to Dr. Matt Herridge for his willingness to lead the party towards a bright and prosperous future.