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Whiskey Three Yankee Mike Whiskey On The Air

September 9th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

On June 9th if you hear the call W-3-W – or Whiskey Three Yankee Mike Whiskey- you may want to get into the spirit and key your mic. The relevant spirit here is good old American moonshine and whiskey — and the call sign you'll hear is from the special event station of the Mountain Amateur Radio Club in Cumberland, Maryland. The club will be marking the 229th anniversary of the Whiskey Rebellion, the famous uprising by farmers in the Appalachian Mountain region who were pushing back against taxation of alcohol imposed by the then-new American government. The club members will be calling Q-R-ZED during Cumberland's Heritage Days & Whiskey Rebellion Festival and operators expect to be on 75, 40 and 20 meters SSB as well as other bands, depending upon conditions.Feel free to stop down at the river side park next to George Washington's headquarters saturday morning from 11am-4pm, where we will be set up.

Tax collectors faced violence and intimidation. President Washington called on state governors to send a militia force to enforce the tax.


President Washington himself arrived in Cumberland to lead the gathered militias; the only time a sitting President has lead troops into the field.


It was George Washington’s last military sortie. Washington also began his military career in Cumberland, as a Colonel under General Braddock in the French and Indian wars. (His preserved cabin headquarters is located in downtown Cumberland)


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