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WV AG Objects to Removal of Blue Bridge Dam

February 11th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey this week voiced his objections to the State of Maryland for what he said is purposely ignoring the questions, concerns and input of West Virginia when it decided, unilaterally, to remove all or part of the Blue Bridge Dam on the Potomac River between Cumberland and Ridgeley. Bill Atkinson, project manager for River Park at Canal Place, disagrees. Morrisey, in a press release, said that it has come to his attention that Maryland, through the city of Cumberland, plans to remove all or part of the Blue Bridge Dam to create a new type of tourism destination. He said the dam is now used by West Virginia residents and tourists who rely on upstream water for a recreation area and other state residents who own property downstream of the dam—citizens whose lives, livelihood and property may be adversely impacted by future flooding if the dam is removed. Atkinson talked with WCBC News and refuted many of Morrisey’s claims in particular the suggestion that West Virginia’s representatives were not sought out for input on the project…