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Fall 2013 AM Sports Schedule



Date Teams Air Times
September 6th Allegany Vs. Southern 6:00PM
September 9th Allegany Vs. Fort Hill (J.V.) 6:00PM
September 10th Fort Hill Vs BW (Soccer) 4:00PM
September 13th Keyser Vs. Fort Hill 6:00PM
September 14th BW Vs. Allegany (Soccer) 11:00AM
September 14th MATHS Vs. Allegany 1:30PM
September 20th Mountain Ridge Vs Allegany 6:00PM
September 21st Central Tech Vs. Fort Hill 4:30PM
September 27th Allegany Vs. Keyser 6:00PM
September 28th Allegany Vs. BW (Soccer) 11:00AM
October 4th Allegany Vs. Ridgeway, Pa 6:00PM
October 11th Allegany Vs. Calvert 6:00PM
October 17th BW Vs. Fort Hill (Soccer) 6:30PM
October 18th Southern Vs. Fort Hill 6:00PM
October 19th Chestnut Ridge Vs. Allegany 6:00PM
October 25th Allegany Vs. Northern 6:00PM
November 1st Fort Hill Vs. Mountain Ridge 6:00PM
November 2nd Towson Vs. Allegany 1:00PM
November 4th Allegany Vs. Fort Hill (J.V.) 6:00PM
November 9th Allegany Vs. Fort Hill 11:30AM


Airtimes and game coverage subject to change.


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