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25th Telephone Book Recycling Campaign

April 7th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

As previously announced, it is time once again for the annual telephone book recycling campaign. This successful educational and environmental project, now in its’ 25th year, is organized and managed every year by the Allegany County Commissioners, Jacob C. Shade, Creade V. Brodie, Jr., William R. Valentine, the Allegany County Solid Waste Management Board, and the Allegany County Board of Education.

Students from public as well as private schools in Allegany County may participate. All recycled telephone books help Allegany County reach its’ 20% recycling goal, a mandate from the State of Maryland. Last year 8,873 students enrolled in the participating schools collected 4,766 telephone books and diverted 3,157 pounds of materials from the landfill.

Telephone books may be recycled at participating schools. Only Allegany County telephone books will be accepted. If Allegany County is included in a multi-county/multi-state telephone book, this will be accepted as well. The collection will begin on Monday, April 3 and end on Friday, April 28.

A cash award will be given to the top five schools. The top five are determined by the ratio of the total number of telephone books collected to the total number of students enrolled in the school. Therefore, every school has an equal chance of being the top school in the campaign. The firs- place award is $200. The second, third, fourth, and fifth place awards are $150, $100, $75, and $50, respectively. The cash awards are to be used to promote “green” environmental practices at the schools. Schools are specifically requested to utilize all awards for “green” materials: purchase and plant trees, buy recycling bins, etc.

Overall, this annual campaign is educational and enhances awareness of both students and the community at large about the importance of recycling. Middle and high school students in the Allegany County Public School System who participate in the preparation, action, and reflection pieces of the Telephone Book Recycling Campaign can earn three service-learning credits for their efforts. A student should contact his/her science teacher for more details.

This real-world project helps the environment because valuable landfill space is not utilized for these telephone books. Trees are saved. Furthermore, the recycled material is reused to manufacture desirable products. Finally, this campaign provides additional funding to schools.

This campaign expands the educational opportunities available to students. Businesses, organizations, and individuals are invited to donate any amount to be utilized for the cash awards for the top five schools. This support is important for the telephone book recycling campaign. Prospective award donors should contact Allegany County Recycling Office.

Allegany County Recycling Coordinator Siera N. Wigfield and Allegany County Public School Secondary Science Supervisor Eric Van Slyke provide oversight for the telephone book recycling campaign. For additional information contact the Allegany County Recycling Office, 301-777-5933 X 210 and or the ACPS Science Supervisor’s secretary at

The telephone book recycling campaign is one component of Allegany County Government’s extensive recycling program. Allegany County Government’s website,, has recycling information. From the homepage click departments – click recycling. Ms. Wigfield is available to speak with school groups, civic organizations, etc. and may be contacted as above.

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