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Accused Doctor May Have Troubled Past

May 29th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Local authorities have not confirmed it, but indications are that Dr. Dando has been in trouble before.

Press accounts in the Orlando Sentinel say that Doctor William Thomas Dando was convicted in 1987 of raping a woman at gunpoint, and sentenced to ten years in prison. Although there is a slight discrepancy in the age reported in the case in Florida, the Doctor Dando in that case graduated from medical school in Costa Rica, which matches up with the school noted for Dr. Dando on the Maryland Board of Physicians website.

The Board of Physicians site does not mention medical licenses in any other state, but does indicate Dr. Dando was placed on probation in Maryland in April of 2010 for failure to meet the quality of care standards and maintain medical records for seven patients. The probation was lifted in February of 2013.

C3I told WCBC News that it had nothing to add to the arrest report it issued Wednesday afternoon. We've reached out to the Orlando Sentinel for further information on the case it reported on in 1987.

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