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ACPS Announces Bus Route Changes

August 7th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Public Schools Transportation Department has announced several bus and route changes taking effect for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Parents and guardians are encouraged to check their child’s bus information by visiting Info Finder I on the school system’s website,, and clicking on the Info Finder Quick Link and following the directions on the bulletin. If the bulletin does not pop up upon entering the program, select it from the top left side just above the search window. As always, the routes for the upcoming school year may need to be adjusted once school begins due to bus issues and overcrowding. 

Parents that have children riding the bus for the first time are asked review school bus rules listed below. Transportation on ACPS school buses will be pleasant and safe with the cooperation of the parents and their children.


School Bus Rules:

  • Obey the school bus driver.
  • Sit properly and remain seated at all times.
  • Keep head and arms inside the bus.
  • Do not damage the bus and keep it clean. 
  • No tobacco usage, eating or drinking.
  • No yelling, bullying, or fighting.  
  • No profane language.
  • Do not throw objects.
  • No cell phone use without permission of driver.
  • Do not block the aisle.

Student behavior on the bus may be recorded with audio-visual cameras.  Students who cannot obey these regulations may lose the privilege of riding the school bus.


According to school board’s policy for Student Conduct on the Bus (File: EEAEC), “The Board of Education is committed to the safety of students who ride a school bus to school. It is recognized by the Board that the opportunity to ride the school bus is a privilege extended to students — a privilege which may be temporarily denied or suspended when and if a student’s conduct on the bus potentially affects the safety of other students or the driver. It is, therefore, required that there be appropriate and proper conduct, attitudes, behavior and discipline on the part of all bus passengers. It is imperative that students conduct themselves in the expected manner that will in no way interfere with or distract the driver who must devote his/her full attention to driving and operating the bus in a safe and prudent manner at all times. It is paramount that parents/guardians take an active role in being responsible for their child/children’s conduct on the school bus. A pupil who damages a school bus in any manner shall be denied the privilege of riding a bus and will be expected to make restitution. Riding privileges may be restored to the pupil at the discretion of the principal after restitution has been made.”




2018-2019 Road and Route Updates


Mount Savage Middle School

  • Bus 35 will have bus 57’s stops added to it.
  • Bus 57 will now be an Allegany High School Bus
  • Bus 93 Road Closure: Grant St. Mount Savage Middle School stop for bus 93 at Washington St @ Grant will be moved temporary to Washington St @ Green St until construction has been completed around November.


Allegany High School

  • Bus 20 – Winchester Rd, Warrior Drive, and Braddock Rd West of Seton Drive.
  • Bus 23 – Smallwood St, Cumberland St, Fayette St and Braddock Rd East of Seton Drive.
  • Bus 24 – Greenpoint Area and National Hwy East of LaVale St.
  • Bus 26 – Mechanic St, Center St, and Cash Valley Rd.
  • Bus 36 – Louise Drive, Brant Rd. and Iris Ave.
  • Bus 52 – Bedford St. and Frederick St. (#1699 and under)
  • Bus 57 – Columbia St., Fairview St, and Pear St.
  • Bus 58 – Holland St area
  • Bus 68 – Baltimore Ave, Park St. Paca St. Rose Hill Ave, Patterson St. Green Street West of Allegany St.
  • Bus 76 – Mulberry St., Moss Ave., Pershing St., Bowling St. and Gephart Dr.



  • Bus 34 will have bus 58’s stops added to it.


John Humbird    

  • Bus 58 replacing Bus 68 in PM only (Bus 43 will still have AM)



  • Bus 56 will replace bus 95


Mountain Ridge High School

  • Bus 95’s stops will be divided up among the following buses:
    • Bus 62 – Mount Savage Rd., Sunnyside Rd., Barrelville Rd., Kreigbaum Rd., Homewood, and Cash Valley.
    • Bus 87 – Mile Lane, Bald Knob Rd., Blank Rd., Dutch Hollow Rd., Cala Hill, Foundry Row, Slabtown Rd., New Hope Rd. and Depot St.
    • Bus 56 – Ellerslie Rd., Mount Savage Rd above Woodcock Hollow to Borden Tunnel Area.

Eckhart School  

  • Bus 87 replacing bus 170

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