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Agreement Made To Redevelop Existing Allegany High School Should It No Longer Be Used

December 14th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

In another public demonstration of  team work, the Allegany County’s commissioners, school board and the city of Cumberland declared  officially Tuesday that the three will work together for redevelopment of the existing Allegany High School should it no longer be used. That statement was on the agenda of the Board of Education’s public meeting. The Sedgwick Avenue structure, the oldest active high school in the state, would eventually be vacated if a new Allegany High School is built elsewhere- with the current plan targeting the site of the former Sacred Heart Hospital facilities.  School Board vice-president Sara Beth James…

One Response to “Agreement Made To Redevelop Existing Allegany High School Should It No Longer Be Used”

  1. December 15, 2011 at 10:49 am, Gerald Davis said:

    Dave ,I sent this to Times-news to be in editoral section. It never was published, wonder why? Most likely because I mention you, so much for free speech

    I happen to be listening to the Dave Norman show this morning on WCBC. A caller was pleading that a new Allegany High School does not need to be built. The caller said that the monies for a new school should be used down state, for they are in more need. The caller also stated that Allegany should be divided up between Fort Hill & Mt. Ridge high schools (numerous public information has been shown by studies that this route is not feasible). He was also concerned about New Page (paper mill) shutting down and not having enough children to fill class rooms, if a new Allegany school was constructed. Again, studies have been shown that lower grade school class rooms have been growing.

    As Dave Norman explain to caller in great detail (with patience and kiddy steps). Allegany is the oldest operating high school in State of Maryland. The state is going to spend these monies somewhere, why not here in Allegany County. The State of Maryland will foot the bill for 93% of new construction, as long as it meets the time frame, which is to expire in a couple years.

    I cannot understand how the caller could not grasp the positives of this deal for a new school in Allegany County. Either the caller is misinformed, uninformed or just plain ignorant. What I do know, is that the caller does not have the best interest for Allegany County residents. Common sense is not so common anymore.

    As much as I would like to see a new school built at the present location. I realize there is not enough room to accommodate a new school, as it should be. I happen to live at Campobello and my only concern is what happens to the old school. As Dave Norman pointed out, but that is another topic.

    I can only hope this land swap and a new Allegany High School happens.

    Gerald Davis


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