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Allegany College of Maryland announces Fall Graduates

January 11th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Allegany College of Maryland recognized 147 graduates at the conclusion of the recent fall 2018 session. They earned a total of 160 associate degrees and certificates.

Members of ACM’s fall 2018 class and the degree or certificate they received are listed below according to residence. Unless noted otherwise, the awards refer to degrees. The graduates are:

Accident, Md. – Clinton Maust, nursing;

Augusta, W.Va. – Ashley Elizabeth Bridgett, paralegal;

Barton, Md. – Laci Jaye Johnson, nursing;

Bedford, Pa. –   Audrayana Alancyn Ashley, business management; and Julie Conway, forest technology;

Bowie, Md. – Jalyn Sierra Whitlock, general studies;

Breezewood, Pa. – Kallie Shaye Painter, business management;

Broad Top, Pa. – Devin Michele Folk, nursing;

Buffalo Mills, Pa. – Cherokee Bidinger, nursing; and Amanda Lynn Rife, general studies and applied technical studies; 

Chambersburg, Pa. – Catherine A. Trego, nursing;

Claysburg, Pa. – Harry L. Benton, IV, business management;

Clearville, Pa. – Christopher Marinelli, general studies; and Megan Hunter Ruby, sociology;

Conowingo, Md. – Grace Williams, general studies;

Corriganville, Md. – Bayleigh Renae DiNicola, accounting;

Cumberland, Md. – Jenna Ann Bake, general studies; Desiree Marie Banks, nursing; Holly A. Bonnett, general studies; Debra Ann Brady, art; Arlene Chua Buckley, pharmacy technician; Joshua Keith Calhoun, criminal justice certificate; Amy Marie Cecilia Malloy Campbell, business management; Leensee Chawaka, general studies; Jacqulynn Clark, general studies, history and teacher education (secondary); Tierra Clark, nursing assistant/geriatric aide; Amanda Cowgill, nursing; Breanna L. Creamer, social work; Raychael Disney, nursing assistant/geriatric aide; Ryan Joseph Dunn, business administration; Brittney J. Dyer, criminal justice; Rachel Jean Fender, nursing, psychology and general studies; Mason F. Greise, general studies; Timothy B. Growden, teacher education (elementary); Ramona A. Hijab, criminal justice (transfer); Mikayla Elizabeth Holliday, nursing assistant/geriatric aide; Peyton Alan Joy, general studies; Zoe Knotts, teacher education (early childhood); Rose M. Lippold, nursing; Alyssa Mangus, general studies; Brianna Montelongo, nursing assistant/geriatric aide; Dunel Petit-Frere, criminal justice; Mikayla Poole, general studies; Brooke Abigail Puffenbarger, general studies and applied technical studies; Kristina Ritter, nursing assistant/geriatric aide; Heather Marie Royer, general studies; Erin Christine Scaletta, nursing; Darrin Shipe, computer technology (cybersecurity); Alexis Marti Shook, teacher education (secondary); Derrick Shawn Smith, multimedia technology; Kimberly Michelle Stewart, general studies; Deidra Stone, nursing assistant/geriatric aide; Clay Strain, general studies; Deanne Leslie Stump, applied technical studies; Cynthia Dawn Sweeney, business management; Sarah Thomas, applied technical studies; David Marshall Tuggle, II, hospitality management (professional golf management); Eden Christine Twigg, teacher education (early childhood); Madison Watson, business accounting; and Amanda Wilson, teacher education (elementary and secondary).

District Heights, Md. – Rashid Abdullah Nero, Jr., general studies;

Elk Garden, W.Va. – Sierra S. Hagy, nursing;

Ellerslie, Md. – Sarah M. Coates, nursing;

Everett, Pa. – Alexis Ryn Brallier, business accounting; and Sarah Ann Garcia, nursing assistant/geriatric aide;

Fairhope, Pa. – Jared Gene Emerick, psychology;

Fishertown, Pa. – Tina Suzanne Earnest, general studies certificate;

Flintstone, Md. – Andrew Gulick, pharmacy technician; Duncan Everett Howard, history; Eryn Lindsay, teacher education (elementary and secondary); Steven D. McKee, computer science; and Ashley Parker, general studies;

Fort Loudon, Pa. – Casey Coble, nursing;

Frostburg, Md. – Kalee Sivic, general studies and teacher education (early childhood); Ethan Carder, applied technical studies; Sabrina Colmer, medical administrative assistant (medical coding and billing certificate); Emily Ann Harper, pharmacy technician; Branden K. Markwood, general studies; Tyler Joseph Maynard, general studies; Jessie Morgan, general studies and nursing; Zane R. Taylor, applied technical studies; Jeremy Teets, business administration; and Liam Brendan Troutman, applied technical studies;

Grantsville, Md. – Emily Eggleston, nursing; Lynette D. Gnegy, general studies certificate; Kerry Ann Messina, cybersecurity certificate; Christy Deloris Metts, nursing; Deanne Meyers, general studies; and Emily Grace Meyers, nursing.

Hancock, Md. – Sierra Payne, nursing assistant/geriatric aide;

Hedgeville, W.Va. – Jacob Allen Riis, culinary arts;

Hemphill, Texas – Brian Corley, nursing;

Hopewell, Pa. – Kelsie S. Melius, nursing;

Hyndman, Pa. – Brittany Alexandra Harden, medical administrative assistant (medical coding and billing certificate); Jeffrey Raymond Hosselrode, multimedia technology; Emily Jean Kennell, nursing; Rae Merkel, applied technical studies; and Rachelle L. Pensyl, pharmacy technician;

Laurel, Md. – Symone Grant, criminal justice (transfer); James Timmons, criminal justice; and Gerrell Williams, general studies;

LaVale, Md. – Sierra Calomeris, criminal justice; Joshua L. George, general studies; Kendall Kennell, nursing; Krysten Elizabeth Miller, computer technology (technical support and cybersecurity); Jenna Beth Murphy, nursing; Tyler Omeis, pharmacy technician; and David Pierre, computer technology (cybersecurity);

Little Orleans, Md. – Taylor A. Higgs, applied technical studies; and Christa M. Ross, nursing assistant/geriatric aide;

Lonaconing, Md. – Benjamin Harrison Evans, IV, business administration; and Sydney Erin Warnick, general studies;

Mahaffey, Pa. – Amanda Jane Royer, nursing;

Manns Choice, Pa. – Trenton Scott Elliott, criminal justice;

Meyerdale, Pa. – Alexandra Marie Bodes, business management; Victoria D. Greer, medical laboratory technology; and Katelin L. Michael, applied technical studies;

Mt. Savage, Md. – Dilan Levigh Weimer, multimedia technology and graphics design certificate;

Mountain Lake Park, Md. – Christy D. Trembly, nursing;

Neelyton, Pa. – Courtney Ann Krause Herman, business accounting;

New Baltimore, Pa. – Mark Hankinson, applied technical studies;

Oakland, Md. – Mildred Elmina Kitzmiller, nursing; Jennifer Michelle Lambert, nursing; Alicia Maria Michaels, nursing; Torey Moats, nursing; Nathan Schrock, nursing; and Stephanie Marie Sliger, nursing;

Owings Mills, Md. – Tijuan Rhue, general studies;

Ridgeley, W.Va. – Christa Brotemarkle, phlebotomy/EKG technician; Kelly Carr, general studies; Alex Nicole Hay, teacher education (early childhood); Jason T. Twigg, business management; Ashley Watts, nursing; and Caitlynn Whitecotton, art;

Salisbury, Md. – Melissa Anne Dix, nursing;

Schellsburg, Pa. – Davida Hillegas, medical administrative assistant;

Silver Spring, Md. – Assy Diallo, general studies;

Swanton, Md. – Sarah Elizabeth Hutton, nursing; and Anthony Keith Yoder, nursing;

Warfordsburg, Pa. – Erica Hendrickson, nursing;

Westernport, Md. – Andrew Beeman, computer technology (cybersecurity); Kristen Karen Cooper, nursing; and Luke Isaiah Mertz, computer technology (cybersecurity);

Wiley Ford, W.Va. – Chloe Parsons, sociology; and Patricia Ann Smith, business supervision; and

Windber, Pa. – Rachelle Louise Jones, nursing; and Alicia Lysinger, general studies.

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