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Allegany County Commissioners And BOE Discuss Proposed Funding Allocations

May 19th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

It was a point-counter point for citizens last week, as both the Allegany County Commissioners and the School Board took time during public meetings to justify their positions when it comes to proposed funding allocations for education for next year. Tensions between the school board and the county have risen since the county has elected to fund the BOE at the maintenance of effort for the third straight year. If the county’s fiscal year 2015 budget is adopted on June 5, it will make official a third year of minimum funding. During the school board’s work session Tuesday night, Finance Director Randy Bittinger and Superintendent David Cox presented a detailed report reflecting a steady decline in education funding from the county commissioners- at a time when other agencies and departments are receiving budget hikes. On Thursday, County Administrator Dave Eberly and Finance Director Jason Bennett responded to the board’s claims. The county intends to fund the BOE $29.4 million for fiscal 2015, BOE officials say the funding that goes to actual school operating costs is $27.6 million. Eberly says much of the information provided by the school board is not accurate…

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