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Allegany County Could Face Shortfall With Shift Of Teacher Pensions

January 24th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Preliminary numbers last week indicated that  Allegany County would avoid a major financial hit from the governor’s proposed shift of half of the teachers pension cost to local governments- but the latest information paints a less rosey picture. The plan calls for the state and counties to evenly split about $1 billion in teacher pension costs- much to the dismay of county officials who say the move will exacerbate their budget problems. A document released last week reflecting how the governor’s plan would impact each county in the state- showed Allegany County with a zero impact, primarily the result of a disparity grant. Without that disparity grant, the county was looking at a total hit of $2.3 million this year. Allegany County Administrator David Eberly tells WCBC News that after conversations with MACO representatives on Monday, it now looks like the county could be in store for a $700,000 short fall…

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